Frequently Asked Questions




Are the buildings climate controlled?

The buildings are controlled for humidity, but are not heated.


Can I see the the building before I rent?

Yes you can, but an appointment is required. Please contact us to set up a date and time so you can get a tour.


Can I work on my vehicle while it is in storage?
At Rockwood Constant Services, the safety and security of your vehicle is our top concern, so whether it is mechanical work, detailing or restoration, we don't alow any work to be done on any stored item in the storage area.


Do I get reimbursed for the time I don't use?

Yes. We use aniversary billing, so will prorate your remaining balance to the day you pick it up. If you have over paid, we will give you a credit. If you still have a balance owing, it will only be for those days stored.


Do I have to sign an contracts or leases?

Yes. A contract will need to be signed to show that you do agree to the terms of service. This contract is not a lease and your belongings can be picked up at any time (seasonal restrictions apply) with an appointment.


Do I need to provide my own lock?

No. At Rockwood Constant Services, we provide all locks for the storage units. If a key is lost, there will be a penalty of $5.


What payment options do we accept?

We accept Cash, Cheque or Money Orders, but we do NOT accept uncertified cheques at pick up.


What Items can't I store?

Any hazzardous material including, but not limited to; toxic materials, flammables, explosives, volatile chemicals and high odor/fragrance products.




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