Why Indoor Vehicle Storage?



Unlike many other storage facilities, we don't store your vehicle outside where it can be damaged by the weather and animals. You can rest assured that your "baby" is safe and secured inside our secured indoor storage facility. Whether it is your brand new convertible that you want to store for the winter, a winter car that you have no room for in the summer, the classic car that you just take out rarely on joy rides, or your seasonal recreational vehicles that you have no room for, we have a spot for you.


Maybe you have a home in or around Winnipeg for the summer and move south for the winter and have a car at each location that sits while you are away, you have to go away for a few months on business, or are in the military and have been called overseas and can't take your car. Whatever the reason is, winter or summer or what kind of vehicle you have, you need to store your vehicle as inexpensively as possible, with the minimum of deterioration and yet be able to put it back on the road with little or no muss or fuss.


Ideally, indoor storage is the best way to go, especially for an older vehicle. It doesn't matter where you live, indoors is the best way to go. Indoor storage actually becomes imperative if you will be away for a couple of years or longer. If you have an auto, or motorcycle you can rent by the month (during spring and summer months), during the winter season, or all year round. In the winter, once your vehicle is in storage, it stays inside until spring thaw and the street cleaners have done their job. No need to drive your car until the salt is off the roads. Our vehicle storage facility also takes the worry out of town ordinances that dictate where and what you can park on your property.


Many other companies allow people to work on their vehicles while it is in storage, which often can cause damage to nearby vehicles. At Rockwood Constant Services, the safety and security of your vehicle is our top concern, so whether it is mechanical work, detailing or restoration, we don't allow any work to be done on any stored item in the storage area.


Our Indoor Storage Rates



Vehicle Type Monthly Price* Reservation Depost Rate
Regular Size Cars
(shorter than 16.4ft and narrower than 6.25 ft)
$75 $150
Large Cars and Trucks $80 $160
Snow Machines, Golf Carts, Motorcycles $75 with a single trailer
  $75 with double trailer (holding 2 vehicles) $160
Extended Cab Trucks $4.00 per foot $8 per foot


* Our regular winter storage season is from November 1st to May 1st (or after spring thaw). During these months, all buildings are sealed so no vehicles can be removed..

All owners of vehicles will be contacted when vehicle is accessable for pickup.

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