Why Self-Storage Units?



Those who have not used self-storage before often ask, why self-storage?


Self-storage allows you to store your belongings, whether personal, household or business, in an individual unit. The storage space you require depends on what and how much you intend to store.


Renting these storage units have many purposes. They can be utilized when moving to a new home, decluttering a property on the market, and even reducing clutter in your residence. It also allows you to save cherished items you currently don't require.


A storage facility can give peace of mind knowing it is at a safe space. Simply store your furniture and other belongings you don’t need, and collect them when they are required later. You can even deposit and withdrawal your treasures at your own pace.


We often see properties with storage buildings filled with items that are no longer actively used. These buildings do not keep your things suitably secured, which can cause damage due to torrential rains, and other destructive weather. With self-storage, homeowners can store their cherished property in the best way possible.

The first difference you will notice with these storage units is that you are in control of your belongings. It's your responsibility to transport your property to the self-storage facility, pack your goods into the space provided and, ultimately, move it out. This allows you to pack your storage space in the ways that best suits you so that you can easily access items without having to unload everything in the unit.

Being a small facility, 24-hour access to the units aren't available. Access is by appointment only and requires advance arrangements of 5 working days. All rent owed must be paid in full before access. There is also limited access, with periods of no access, to the lockers during winter; we do not clean to the building during the winter season till spring thaw for additional security. Our units are not climate or temperature-controlled, but they are humidity controlled through natural ventilation.

What should not go into storage?

  • Illegal firearms and ammunition.
  • Legally owned firearms that are loaded and unlocked.
  • Explosives.
  • Anything stolen or smuggled.
  • Illegal drugs.
  • Hazardous or toxic chemicals.
  • Flammable substances (kerosene, gasoline, aerosol cans, some paints).
  • Anything that will attract pests (such as food).
  • Animals alive or dead (puppy mill, taxidermy).
  • Humans alive or dead.
  • Cash or anything else worth a lot of money.
  • Anything that will fall apart or rot.




Just the Right Size!



25 square feet - 5 x 5:
A perfect size for student off-campus storage ,light furniture, sporting goods, computers, business records, seasonal display items
40 square feet - 5 x 8:
Good for a 1 small bedroom or bachelor suit with boxes of additional items.
50 square feet - 5 x 10:
Fits a 1 bedroom apartment with boxes of additional items.
64 square feet - 4 x 16:
Best suited for a large 1 bedroom apartment with a den.
95 square feet - 7 x 14:
Accommodates a 1 - 2 bedroom apartment or house.
121 square feet - 11 x 11:
Perfect for a 2 bedroom apartment or house.
128 square feet - 8 x 16:
Best suited for a 2 - 3 bedroom apartment or house.
130 square feet - 10 x 13:
A good fit for a 2 - 3 bedroom apartment or house.
144 square feet - 12 x 12:
Our largest size! Accommodates a 3 - 4 bedroom apartment or house


Our Rates and Availability



Unit Floor Size* Unit Volume Monthly Price** Units Available
25 square feet - 5 x 5 200 cubic feet $35 1 (2nd story)
40 square feet - 5 x 8 320 cubic feet $45 1 (2nd story)
50 square feet - 5 x 10 400 cubic feet $55 1 (2nd story)
64 square feet - 4 x 16 512 cubic feet $70 1
95 square feet - 7 x 14 784 cubic feet $80 1
121 square feet - 11 x 11 968 cubic feet $85 1
128 square feet - 8 x 16 1024 cubic feet $90 1
130 square feet - 10 x 13 1040 cubic feet $90 1
144 square feet - 12 x 12 1152 cubic feet $110 0


* All units are currently unheated and are 8 feet high.
** There is no lock fee, but if a key is lost, there will be an extra charge of $10 at pickup.


Storing your belongings for the long term and looking for a deal? Ask about our short-term and long-term discounts! If you find a lower price, we will do best to match their price.

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