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Frequently Asked Questions:




Can I see the the building before I rent?

Yes you can, but an appointment is required. Please contact us to set up a date and time so you can get a tour.


Can I work on my vehicle while it is in storage?
At Rockwood Constant Services, the safety and security of your vehicle is our top concern, so whether it is mechanical work, detailing or restoration, we don't alow any work to be done on any stored item in the storage area


Do I need to provide my own lock?

No. At Rockwood Constant Services, we provide all locks for the storage units. If a key is lost, there will be a penalty of $5.


What Items can't I store?

Any hazzardous material including, but not limited to; toxic materials, flammables, explosives, volatile chemicals and high odor/fragrance products.




Storage Unit Tips:



  • Make an estimate of the replacement value of each item you store to help with accurate insurance policies and in case of unforeseen damage in the self-storage facility.
  • Invest in good quality sturdy boxes and packing materials - box strength degrades with use. If you buy boxes of similar sizes it'll be easier to stack them securely in the self-storage facility and will save you space.
  • Electrical equipment such as TVs, stereos and computers should be packed in their original boxes wherever possible. If this isn't possible, pack them into boxes that are about the right size making sure that you pack gaps with paper etc. Make sure you tie down the player arm of a record player and secure your turntable.






Vehicle Storage Tips:



  • Get it out of the elements! No amount of precautions will protect a car that is stored outside where the sun, rain, or snow will beat on it day in and day out.
  • Clean the interior using an appropriate treatment. For example: vinyl cleaning methods, carpet shampooing (must be completely dry before storage to prevent moisture problems), chrome detailing waxing, glass cleaning, apply vinyl dressing to weather-stripping.
  • It is better to let a car sit for months than to run it once a week for a few minutes. The reason is that you can't get the engine and other drive train parts warmed up enough to do any good and you will create condensation in the crankcase and exhausts that will help kill your car.








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